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A research, education implementation and dissemination project with frontline healthcare staff and people with osteoporosis.

The overall aims of the Lydia Osteoporosis Project are to raise awareness of osteoporosis and the increased risk of fracture amongst frontline healthcare staff caring for people with the condition. We are focused on investigating the implications of osteoporosis for moving and handling activities with older people in acute care and on promoting person-centred safe and effective practice.

The specific objectives were to:
  • Investigate the moving and handling needs of people with osteoporosis in acute care by
    • reviewing the osteoporosis and moving and handling literature, and
    • undertaking research with healthcare staff and people with the condition
  • Develop,  implement and evaluate an education workshop/ package for frontline healthcare staff
  • Undertake wider dissemination of the project findings, including designing a complex education intervention, to increase frontline healthcare staff’s awareness of osteoporosis and fracture risk
  • Promote discussion and debate about the care of people with osteoporosis amongst healthcare staff and reach out to the wider osteoporosis community by:
    • launching a bespoke interactive website, 
    • building a niche social network and 
    • delivering innovative online learning
  • Report findings from a final stakeholder evaluation of the project.

A useful analogy for the aim of our work as used in a recent BBC Radio Scotland Interview on 20th October 2015:

"If we have eggs in our shopping we take even more care when packing our shopping, similarly for moving and handling practice with older people. We need to 'think about osteoporosis' in all moving and handling activities and always treat as if the condition is present- just as we would if we always had eggs in our (shopping) basket."