Video: A Day in the Life of Mary

A series of simulation video clips highlight the daily challenges encountered by ‘Mary’ who has severe vertebral osteoporosis. 

Clip 1 – Mary’s morning - getting out of bed / using bathroom facilities

Learning and Discussion points:
  • On waking, Mary is potentially in severe pain (pre-analgesia and osteoporosis medication) and may also have severe joint stiffness
  • Fatigue due to insomnia from pain and discomfort at night
  • Easy access to mobility aid 
  • Clutter free space around bed area
  • Bathroom challenges: High shelves difficult to reach, using bath / shower with no adaptations. Toilet seat adapted to aid use
  • Length of time taken to perform simple tasks

Nursing care implications:
  • Ensure osteoporosis medication / analgesia is given promptly and is administered correctly according to individual regime
  • Extra pillows / cushions aid comfortable positioning in bed
  • Consider height of bed and type of mattress
  • Ease of access to mobility aid / non-slip footwear
  • Anticipate trip hazards: minimal clutter around bed area, non-slip rugs, effective lighting
  • Use of silk sheets at home can help turning over in bed
  • Adaptations at home to promote independence and safety
  • Allow time whilst facilitating person with osteoporosis to achieve their tasks

More clips from ‘A Day in the Life of Mary’ to follow.

Written By Claire Pearson

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