Announcement- Lydia Osteoporosis Plus Project Funded

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Announcement of Further Project Funding for QMU Research Project


The Lydia Osteoporosis Project Plus (LOP Plus): 

Further external funding for Lydia Osteoporosis Project work at QMU confirmed from January 2020.


Following completion of the 3rd Lydia Osteoporosis Project in December 2019 we are very pleased to confirm that our anonymous external benefactor for the Lydia Osteoporosis Project at QMU has provided a very generous donation to continue and scale up this project’s very important work for a further year during 2020.

The Lydia Osteoporosis Plus Project builds on the achievements of the Lydia Osteoporosis Projects 1, 2 and 3, ongoing at QMU since 2011. This latest substantial funding further supports the university’s continued commitment to raising awareness of osteoporosis and high fracture risk in older persons and addressing the implications for front line health and social care professionals in Scotland and beyond. It builds on the initial multiple methods, multi-stage research of LOP 1 in acute settings (Coulter Smith et al. 2016, Final Report LOP 1), the subsequent action research, process evaluation, dissemination and wider implementation project of LOP 2 to further embed an Acute Model of the Lydia Osteoporosis Project in 2017, and our work that extended to community settings in LOP 3 resulting in a Community Model of the Lydia Osteoporosis Project. At all stages we have been able to design and deliver bespoke professional education, open access online learning,and innovative activities to reach a wide range of health and social care staff in multiple settings, students and academics in higher education, and to actively participate in public engagement activities. The latest LOP Plus project seeks to reach a wide range of health and social care audiences, healthcare academics, policymakers and the general public.

Due to the current pandemic the Lydia Osteoporosis Plus Project is temporarily on hold from April until September 2020, but work continues behind the scenes on writing for publication, presenting at the forthcoming Sigma STTI European Conference on 29th May 2020, updating the external project website, and refreshing the Open Access Course ‘Caring for My Bones’ ready for re-launch in autumn 2020. Please look out for further announcements about the project on this website, via the QMU Social Media #qmuniversity and from the project’s principal investigator, Dr Margaret Smith, Senior Lecturer at QMU email Twitter account@Margaretacsmit1

All project publications can be accessed via QMU staff page


by M Coulter Smith, 6th May, 2020





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