Bone Health and Falls: An All-Ireland Perspective

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Masterclass Event held in Cork on 10th November 2016

In the UK ‘…over 50% of major trauma cases result from a fall of less than 2 metres’ (Kehoe et al 2015).

Louise Brent’s presentation cited the same statistics for the Irish population drawing on data from the Irish Hip Fracture Database (IHFD).

The All Ireland Gerontological Nurses Association recently held an exciting masterclass event focusing on Bone Health and Falls. The content covered will be of great interest to healthcare professionals working in the areas of Bone Health, Care of Older People, Osteoporosis and Falls.  Resources available from the website provide an excellent overview of work undertaken in Ireland. Please use the link provided here to view three key note presentations by Daragh Rodger, Louise Brent and Dr Kieran O’Connor.

Many thanks to Professor Jan Dewing, Sue Pembrey Chair of Nursing, Director of The Centre for Person-centred Practice Research at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU, for sharing this valuable resource with us.

M A C Smith 18.01.2017

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