Caring for My Bones Course 2020 update

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Just a few weeks remaining to sign up for the ‘Caring for my Bones’ interactive open access course!



QMU’s Lydia Osteoporosis Project Team, together with Nursing and AHP collaborators in Lothian NHS Health and Social Care Partnership Organisations created an exciting education course to help raise awareness of osteoporosis and implications for practice. The course is open to all and is free of charge. It is suitable for all practitioners working with older persons at high risk of fracture, and has been meeting a need for accessible, high quality practical guidance that addresses one of today’s top current public health issues.


Since the course launched in Spring 2019 over 200 participants have signed up and many have completed the full course (we estimate it takes around 6 hours to complete the 6 learning units). Participants can gain a course completion certificate for use in professional portfolios and for revalidation purposes.


More about the course:

The current course will stay open until end of February 2020. We will then be refreshing the content in preparation for re-launch later in 2020.

We recommend allocating one hour per week for 6 weeks. We ask you to submit an evaluation of the module upon completion. The course is organised into 2 parts, with three learning units in each part:

  • Part A focuses on introducing what we know about Osteoporosis and the increased risk of fracture and indicates the relevance of this knowledge to practitioners in Health and Social Care settings.

  • Part B focuses on application to practice by combining core principles of safe and effective moving and handling and person-centred approaches when caring for older persons with Osteoporosis and/ or frail older adults and increased risk of fracture.  

    When taking part in the course you will have opportunities to watch videos, read some online materials, participate in online discussions with fellow students and tutors, and complete some online quizzes.

At the end of the course, you should feel ready to apply your increased understanding of Osteoporosis and risk of fracture in practice and be able to plan Quality Improvement projects relevant to your area of practice.

This course aims to extend your knowledge and understanding of Osteoporosis and fracture risk in the older population and to enable you to integrate person-centred approaches with robust evidence in practice. If you have any questions about the ‘Caring for my Bones’ course please contact members of the course team,  and/or



Technical requirements: 

  1. You will require access to a PC or Mac computer or laptop to undertake the course on Blackboard Openeducation.

  2. Google Chrome is the recommended web browser, try to make sure your version has been recently updated. (Blackboard does not work with Safari and there may be limited access with other browsers).

  3. If you are using a work computer do check if there is an NHS Firewall in place as this may prevent access. (If in any doubt speak to your IT team about how you may access Blackboard Openeducation in your organisation.)

  4. Smartphones and iPads are not compatible with Blackboard programmes so you will need access to a computer to undertake the course.

Here is the link to the ‘Caring For My Bones’ Open Access Course. You will need to enter your email address, set up a Username, and create your personal password.


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Dr Margaret Smith


Miss Claire Pearson


Further guidance on navigating the login area can be found in the attached document.


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Evaluations of the course have been very positive. Please contact if you wish to undertake it but are unsure how to gain access. Margaret Smith