Data collection Lydia Osteoporosis Project 2 completed 2017

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Research Update: Data collection for the Lydia Osteoporosis Project 2 completed in September 2017


We recruited research participants for the above Action Research and Evaluation Project in an NHS Scotland Health Board. Frontline healthcare staff  gained experience of a highly interactive online education module, Caring for my bones,  created by experienced academic and healthcare staff working alongside learning technologists at QMU. This work draws on the findings from the first Lydia Osteoporosis Project. We invited patient participants who are known to have osteoporosis to contribute to this work by sharing their experiences of acute care. Please look out for a report on the preliminry findings arising from this research.


Contact: Dr Margaret Smith, Principal Investigator, Lydia Osteoporosis Project, Queen Margaret University Member of Centre for Person-Centred Practice Research and Associate Member of Centre for Applied Social Sciences at Queen Margaret University.


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Update: Data collection phase due to complete 30th September 2017. Very many thanks to all participants and stakeholders, we will keep you informed about progress with data analysis and the publication of findings.