Healthy Eating Tips!

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A few easy to access links for healthy eating tips!

The National Osteoporosis Society website  at    give you access to a lot more information on foods that promote bone health.

You can also find simple, tasty bone-friendly recipes on the International Osteoporosis website (here:, as well as 10 ways to boost your bone health, here.

Or follow the ‘Serve up Bone Strength’ campaign highlighted on World Osteoporosis Day (20th October 2015).

Further analysis of the evidence on nutrition and osteoporosis…

For more detail about the effects of nutritional factors throughout the life-course using the following link to the recently published IOF article: ‘Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Bones’

Further analysis of the evidence on nutritional influences and osteoporosis can be found in the recently published SIGN Guidelines for the Management of Osteoporosis and the Prevention of Fragility fractures (2015) (pages 41/page 42).

Please find information about the importance ofVitamin D in the Scottish Population  from Dr Helga Rhein a GP in Scotland at this website

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Link to bone friendly recipes not working

Dear Alex,

Many thanks for letting us know, we will update the links in this article shortly.