Is my 10 month son getting enough calcium?

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Is my 10 month old son getting enough calcium?

Typical questions that mothers ask community healthcare professionals by telephone call or face to face is \'should I be worried if my baby under 12 months of age has reduced his or her milk intake?\'  and they  might go on to say they are anxious that their baby might not be getting enough calcium. Discussion would take place regarding diet, and professionals would provide reassurance. Having met this situation on placement on recent occasions I felt that it would be useful to follow this up with health education literature to clearly outline different foods that contain calcium, along with specific quantities and advice about adequate daily intake. I was pleased to source The British Dietetic Association\'s food fact sheet on calcium and vitamin D and have found it a very useful resource when discussing diet and calcium input with  families. Please see:

The talk you gave our student health visiting class today about your osteoporosis research and the Lydia report, reiterated the importance of public health promotion with families of young children regarding a calcium rich diet from the outset, and I feel the information sheet that the BDA has produced can be utilised inter-generationally across all ages to aid guidance with this.

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Laura Randall

Health VisitingStudent, September 2017 cohort


Thank you Laura for this excellent resource, your article will be helpful for a wide range of healthcare practitioners. As discussed, the recent Scottish Government Guidance about Vitamin Dsupplements is attached here for reference:


Calcium Food Fact Sheet - British Dietetic Association

Calcium is important at all ages for strong bones and teeth. This Food Fact Sheet lists the recommended amounts of calcium for different groups of people




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Dear Laura, very many thanks for your contribution to the website, a really useful resource! Margaret