Lydia Osteoporosis Project 3 - Update

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Lydia Osteoporosis Project 3- update June 2019

We recruited health and social care staff participants from February 2019 and all have had opportunities to undertake research and education activities linked to the action research phase 1, including the open access \'Caring for My Bones\' course. We held Creative Movement and Mobility workshops out in two of the research sites, and are planning further brief osteoporosis simulation intervention events with health and social care staff. 

We will shortly invite some patient/ resident participants to share their views and experiences on their care as older persons with osteoporosis. Interviews will have a particular focus on how they have experienced ways in which staff approach promoting mobility and delivering person-centred moving and handling practice.

The team has had an abstract accepted for the European Academy of Nursing Science annual summer conference on 10th to 12th July 2019. This year the theme is the Application of Technology in Nursing Research. We will present our work on creating an open access course for health and social care professionals, \'Caring for My Bones\'. As well as giving local research participants access to this unique course for staff working in direct care delivery it has been welcoming course participants from across the UK, Europe and beyond! It has been advertised via the Blackboard Openeducation site, and in a local Social Media Campaign from QMU.
The link to the open access course is found below, do please take a look:-

Margaret A Smith 21.06.19


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