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‘Handle with care’


The immense importance of listening attentively to the person’s story in our health and wellbeing assessments and the whole person\'s healthcare journey takes centre-stage in a recently published guest editorial in the journal, Radiology Online, May 2018. The major concerns of persons living with conditions are indeed the healthcare researchers’ most important source of ideas for potential research issues and research questions and are at the heart of person-centred healthcare research and healthcare research across the disciplines. In this article the authors highlight a range of issues affecting persons living with Osteoporosis and at high risk of fracture, and the plea to ‘Please Handle with Care’ is precisely the area that the Lydia Osteoporosis Project Team were asked to take forward by members of the public affected by the disease a number of years ago.


With thanks to Prof Jan Dewing, Head of Centre for Person-Centred Healthcare Research for forwarding this link.


M A C Smith

21/09/ 2018



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