Reflections on Stakeholder Conference and Website Launch

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Reflections on the Stakeholder Conference and Website Launch on 6th November 2015

Many thanks to all who contributed to the evaluation of the Stakeholder Conference!

Following the above event at QMU we received a number of very positive evaluations and detailed feedback from a range of participants. The full results will be reported within the final project report but we have captured a few anonymized comments here for the Lydia Osteoporosis Website community.

We will be undertaking a final project evaluation with our stakeholders soon so please look for an email invitation to contribute to this important work. We are following up ideas for articles for the website and would be glad to hear from you at any stage.

A few comments from people who attended the event:

\"I was so glad I had been invited and able to learn of the wonderful progress made [in the project]. The website is also excellent. Congratulations to you all.\" - (A member of the public)

\"Website looked fantastic- so many opportunities for different areas to follow suit. If extending the project there’s [plenty of opportunities to recruit participants through our area!] And a team of pharmacists willing to contribute to therapeutic management articles!\" - (Healthcare professional)

\"A very enjoyable afternoon and exciting development for future care of osteoporosis patients\" - (Healthcare professional)

\"Very well presented.\" - (Healthcare professional)

\"I found the afternoon extremely beneficial. In particular, I found the networking very useful (meeting different people with different backgrounds) as well as the overview of the entire project. It\'s always greatly appreciated to be invited and involved in a project at this level so that we can see the\"bigger picture\".\" - (Other staff, technical support)

\"I was not able to stay for IT website overview in afternoon but have since joined site. It was really good to meet with everyone involved in the Project and was made very welcome. I look forward to continuing with this project moving onwards and it is especially good to have the people with osteoporosis involved in this to keep us very focused.\" - (Healthcare professional)


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