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Kirsty Wark: The Menopause and Me (BBC1 iPlayer)


Worth watching this week is Kirsty Wark’s personal take on menopause in her very interesting documentary which includes a segment about osteoporosis.


Kirsty investigates the effects of menopause on bone health and is filmed completing a FRAX questionnaire and a DEXA scan. In the follow-up consultation, Kirsty’s doctor reviews the results of her scan which show a T-score of -1.1 SD in her hip bone indicating osteopenia. Kirsty learns about the lifestyle changes she could make to improve her bone health.


On a lighter note, Kirsty interviews Jennifer Saunders and talks about the infamous Absolutely Fabulous clip where Patsy receives some surprisingly accurate advice from Saffy about caring for her bones!




Karen Combe, 24th April 2017

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