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Margaret A C Smith: Principal Investigator, Lydia Osteoporosis Project
Margaret has extensive clinical, education and research experience and is focused on improving patient care through high quality professional education, rigorous research and developing and implementing innovative practice in collaboration with all stakeholders and patients. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Division of Nursing at QMU. 

Other LOP Members

  • Dr Margaret A C Smith (Principal Investigator) 
  • Miss Claire Pearson* (Research Assistant, phases 2 to 4)
  • Dr Savina Tropea* (Researcher, phase 1) 
  • Dr Lindesay Irvine* (Researcher/ Education, phase 2)
  • Ms Fiona O’May** (Research Fellow, phase 1)
  • Mrs Jackie Berg (Osteoporosis specialist nurse) and 
  • Mr Robert Rush* (Statistician)
*Division of Nursing, School of Health Sciences, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh;
** Osteoporosis Service , NHS Lothian

LOP 2 Project Team Members 
  • Dr Margaret A C Smith (Principal Investigator)
  • Miss Claire Pearson (Research Assistant)
  • Mrs Karen Combe (Research Assistant)
  • Mrs Alison Bacigalupo (Project Administrator)

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